Training in Therapy using DNA-V & ACT

Learn therapy and counselling skills for adolescents and adults.

With Dr Louise Hayes

louise hayes

Over many years I have travelled the world, training thousands of professionals who work in therapy and counselling for adolescents and adults. I use effective science-based processes designed to help adolescents and adults grow stronger and create deeper relationships.

This training is now available for you online as webinars, pre-recorded courses, supervision, group learning communities, and written resources.

Not all Louise’s online training is paid – there are free resources available, including guided meditations, trainings, and print resources.

What you'll learn with my training

I offer training for both ACT Hexaflex and the DNA-V model. I also teach process-based therapy skills to help you work with adults and adolescents.

DNA-V is a framework that focuses on growth and development in adolescents and adults. It was developed by myself and Joseph Ciarrochi. Find out more about DNA-V.

I teach process-based skills that free you. Let go of the manuals, start where you are, and build your confidence and skill.

Join me, and your life will come alive through values, connection, and your presence of awareness.

Enrich your work and life with my courses

I would love to work with you and help you grow personally and professionally so you can help the people you serve to grow too.

With my training and courses you will learn how to enrich your work and your life with:

Peer supervision and support

I am a registered supervisor with AHPRA and a registered clinical psychologist with the APS. I regularly provide supervision to professionals working with adults and young people. Supervision can be a consultation online or face-to-face.

What participants have said about my training: