Mindful Adventures

Louise Hayes’ charitable work in Nepal, and her “mindful adventures” in the Himalaya for therapy professionals.

The Pearl Lotus Fund (Inc)

All profits go to helping needy children in remote Nepalese villages. So far we have:

pearl lotus fund

The Pearl Lotus

Mindful adventures and charitable work.
pearl lotus fund

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Gain professional development through experience

Louise conducts mindful adventures, guiding therapy professionals on trips of discovery into the grace and beauty of the Himalaya. You will experience mindfulness and professional development unlike any other. You will enjoy the meditation and understand the cultural context of mindfulness.

“A life changer” is the most common response from participants.

All proceeds help to educate kids in remote Nepal through our not-for-profit venture, The Pearl Lotus Fund.

Who are mindful adventures for?

This is NOT a tourist trip. It is PD for helping professionals including psychologists, social workers, teachers, coaches who are interested in deepening their practices and understanding.

You can claim CPD. The number of hours will be your personal decision.

mindful adventures himalaya

Mindful adventures: Everest – “Ama”, the Mother Mountain

The journey

louise hayes

Your group trainer

Dr Louise Hayes travels on each trip.

Louise has engaged in long-term charitable work in Nepal. She attends these trips as a volunteer. Her personal value is to help professionals be more open, aware and engaged, and to help children in poverty.