About Louise Hayes

I love writing, training, doing therapy, and diving into evolution and contextual behavioural science. Most of all, I love sharing a journey that can help all of us understand our humanity.

louise hayes
louise hayes

I fell in love with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 20 years ago because I saw it as a method that could help us live with courage and purpose. It helped me to profoundly understand how to carry my own history of growing up amid poverty and family chaos. As Kelly Wilson (a founder of ACT) once said to me: those who have suffered have much to offer, too much to live life in the closet (paraphrased).

So my friends – live boldly!

I try to do just that in my writing, researching, and teaching. Often I falter, but I get up again and keep on “mattering” about what matters to me.

Qualifications and affiliations

Louise Hayes

Degree qualifications:


Clinical psychologist, registered with the APS – Australian Psychological Society.

Fellow of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists.

Fellow and past president of the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science.

Former senior fellow with The University of Melbourne and Orygen Youth Health.

Registered supervisor with AHPRA.

Peer-reviewed ACT trainer.