Training in your workplace


Louise Hayes is a peer reviewed and well regarded trainer, she is happy to talk to you about your service’s training requirements.

Louise’s training includes:

Young people

  • ACT as a therapy for young people
  • ACT as life training in schools, for teachers, schools professionals and young people. ACT is a great training method for promoting wellbeing in education settings. Contact me to find out more.

ACT for parents and children

  • ACT’s approach to families can help them learn to manage their emotions using acceptance and mindfulness, as well as try new behaviour connected to values. It is perfect for helping parents and their children.

Clinical RFT for health professionals

  • Relational frame theory underpins ACT. It is the theory of language and how we use language as a tool to relate information about ourselves and others. RFT in the clinic allows ACT professionals to deepen their knowledge of human language and cognition. Workshops using RFT provides an advanced step for professionals who want to deepen their ACT therapeutic skills. RFT allows you to let go of ‘canned’ exercises and create as you go, perfectly suited to your clients needs.

ACT for adults

  • Contact me to discuss and in-house introductory or advance ACT workshop for adults too.