Boudhanath reconsecration
Discovery — a way to rebalance elements 
From my apartment window the gigantic eyes of Buddha stare at me once more. Until this moment the eyes were covered, but as I...
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Coloured braids, mala beads swinging......
50 Rupees exchanged for shared compassion.
As I walk the morning kora I marvel at the older women. I love their dignity: long hair in braids, often woven with brightly...
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Coffee at kora's end
The ‘Himalaya effect’ begins
I rarely see it coming. I arrived in Kathmandu and felt grumpy. It’s dusty, dry and cold here, in the depths of winter. The...
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More safe cheek hugs in training
We are humans together, in trauma and healing
My travelling writing sabbatical has been turned upside down and my brain often feels scattered. It has been a month since my last blog;...
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Then Kathmandu goes eerily quiet
I am scared tonight, more than I was yesterday after the quake. It is the evening of the second day and I’m frightened because...
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unnamed (1)
The earth roars under Kathmandu
It’s a quiet Friday spent reading in a coffee shop, chatting on the advantages and disadvantages Nepal faces after 30 years of international aid....
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Local didi stops to chat
Taking my mind and body for a walk
You need a strong body and a peaceful mind to live in the Himalaya. As we walk I see both everywhere in the hill...
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Sunrise at the "Happy Heart Hotel"
The sweetness of new contexts
Yet another Kathmandu rookie error. In the shower combined toilet, I drop my expensive bon voyage gift of hand made soap on the floor,...
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Mekong at sunset
My inbox is not a friend
I look around the Asian style longboat, some travellers are reading, some just staring out, many are are asleep on each other, heads in...
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maya devi temple
The lesson of Lumbini: Find your story of peace
I did not want luxury travel I remind myself, I wanted experience. I wanted a story to tell. Still, after 11 hours on a...
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